Blue Mesa Fishing Report: Plenty of safe ice and good fishing!

his is the only year I’ve seen 50% of the lake not freeze since 2005. Regardless, there is plenty of safe ice to take advantage of some great fishing and a great tournament this Sunday March 8th!!! Check the flier below for more details. There is 10-14″ of ice from the Gunnison River inlet to about a half mile west of Elk Creek Boat ramp and 5-10″ of ice from the dam to about a quarter mile northeast of Mack Island. The Rest of the lake is open water! There is 5-10″ of snow on the ice now with some serious slush pockets, especially on the west end. The snow was very hard to get around in, but has crusted over in the last two nights, which makes it a lot easier to stay on top of. The fishing for rainbow and brown trout has been good to excellent all year and the last week has been no exception! The rainbows can be found from just below the ice to about 30 feet deep and the browns are usually 25 to 60 feet down and suspended a lot of the time. Spoons and tube jigs have been working very well. Tip them with a meal or wax worm for best results. The kokanee salmon fishing has been slow so far this ice season, but I have experienced and heard a few reports of people getting into a few over the last week. Maybe this full moon will move some salmon concentrations into pockets under the ice. Most of the salmon we are seeing are deeper than usual. I have been seeing them come through 30-45 feet down over deeper water. I have had quite a few small schools come in that won’t bite anything and then others that bite immediately. The lake trout fishing has been good most days if you know where to find them. A white or glow tube jig with a small piece of sucker meat is always a sure bet! Look for them in depths of 40-80 feet, usually hanging very near the bottom. There have been some perch showing up occasionally, randomly, and here one day and gone the next. I’ve heard reports of them being caught from 8 to 80 feet! As always, use caution, especially as we see the spring days start to warm. Good luck and God Bless!

Blue Mesa Ice Fishing Tournament 2015

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