Patience is the key to success to be in position for some of 11 Mile’s monsters!

It has been a weird year for ice fishing fish activity all across Colorado thus far and 11 Mile is probably best known for this weird type of behavior! Any area of the lake can be hot one day and dead the next. Being aggressive and covering water is important, but giving each spot a fair allotment of time is crucial. Most days there are not big numbers of fish being caught, but the quality of the trout and pike that are coming through the ice, are making Eleven Mile worth fishing! There were a lot of quality fish in the 4-6 lbs range caught in the tournament on Saturday and some nice pike as well! For trout, focus on 4 to 10 feet of water. There are some trout being caught out deeper, but it seems like the best traffic is in the shallows. Small pink, white, and green jigs have been working best, tipped with a meal worm or wax worm. The pike can be found shallow or deep depending on the time of day. Try ice fishing depths in the 4 to 10 foot range during low light hours and depths of 8 to 15 feet during the middle parts of the day. Tip ups rigged with water dogs, or some kind of dead bait like a sucker have been working best, but there has been some action on jigging spoons like the big PK Flutterfish and big tube jigs as well. Be sure to use some type of a leader as pike of all sizes have sharp teeth and will make quick work of your lighter mono and flourocarbon lines unless you get lucky and hook them just right! Good luck, God bless, and be safe!

ice fishing 11 mile reservoir for cutbows, trout

Dj Zimmerman with a trophy northern pike from 11 mile reservoir!

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