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Colorado Ice fishing trips! Blue Mesa Brown Trout

Ice fishing in Colorado is usually perceived as a cold way to spend a weekend afternoon, but with the latest technology, ice fishing can be a comfortable experience and some of the hottest fishing of the year! When you book a trip with Sport Fish Colorado you get to enjoy top of the line Frabil ice huts and Mr. Heater buddy heaters to keep you warm. We also have the latest Lowrance sonar technology accompanied by our knowledge and experience on Antero, Blue Mesa, Taryall and 11 Mile reservoirs, to keep you on the fish!

Once we find the fish, we use Strikemaster power augers to drill through the thickest of ice! Ice fishing in Colorado is an exciting way to break up a ski week or just try something new. Ice fishing is an experience that you will enjoy and never forget!

A full day trip is usually about six hours long. Once you book a trip, we will meet at an agreed upon time and either walk or snowmobile to our spot depending upon the regulations at the designated body of water. Our guide will then get you set up and dialed in on the bite with all of the bait, tackle, and equipment you need. Once you are set up, the guide will check near by spots for fish to make sure you are always on the action. He will be at your beck and call at all times.

Our goal is to give you a first class experience with memories that will last a lifetime!  To book a Colorado ice fishing trip on Antero, Blue Mesa, Taryall or 11 Mile reservoir please call the number below! A 50% deposit is required at the time of the booking.

Call Robby @ (719) 649-3378 or email @

Duration Full day (6hrs of fishing time)

  • 1-2 People $350.00
  • 3 People $400.00
  • 4 People $450.00

*Want a half day? We can customize a trip that fits your needs!

*Larger parties can be accomodated.  Parties of 5 or more people will require a second guide and guide fee.

** A 50% deposit is required to hold your date. ** Gratuity is not included, but greatly appreciated!

**(If you have to cancel for some reason a full refund will be give if you notify us 14 days in advance.  If you notify us less than 14 days in advance, you can reschedule your trip with us to salvage your deposit).


What to Bring?

We Provide:

• Heaters

• Augers

• Fish finders

• Snowmobile(s)

• Rods & Reels

• All tackle and Bait

• Top of the line ice huts

You Bring:

• Boots

• Snacks/Lunch

• Sunscreen

• Warm Layers

• Sun Glasses

Fishing License


Trophy Colorado Lake Trout

Our Trophy Fish Policy:

Sport Fish Colorado is a major advocate for releasing all trophy fish. Our waters are receiving more pressure than ever before and trophy fish don’t grow to trophy size over night so it is important to make the ethical decision to maintain trophy fisheries at 11 Mile, Antero, Spinney, and Blue Mesa reservoirs. Sport Fish Colorado will take appropriate measurements and a photo or two for a replica mount, but all species of the following dimensions will be released to grow and fight another day!

  • Lake Trout - 26” and greater
  • Northern Pike - 28” and greater
  • Brown Trout - 20” and greater
  • Rainbow Trout - 20” and greater


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