Colorado Ice Fishing F.A.Q.

Q: How thick should the ice be before going out on it to ice fish???

A: Ice needs to be 4″ thick to hold a person and 5″ to hold a snowmobile or 4 wheeler…and at least 8″ to 12″ thick to hold a vehicle.


Q: How many lines can I use to fish???

A: In Colorado, you can only have TWO lines in the water at a time… You can have two tip-ups, or two fishing poles or a combination of one each, but only two lines are allowed in the water at a time in Colorado… If you do choose to use two lines, you must purchase a ” second rod ” stamp or license.


Q: Why are knee pads needed when ice fishing in Colorado?

A: Knee pads are very helpful because there are alot of times you are on your knees while ice fishing.


Q: What are some items I need to bring?

A: If you are renting the fishing supplies from someone you might need to bring sunglasses,lip balm, a camera, cell phone, some snacks and maybe handwarmers…Check to see if the supplies you are renting offers a compass.


Q: Is it cold?

A: Yes, this has been asked a couple of times…Yes it can be cold…You are out on a frozen lake and if you are not in a shantie, the wind can really add to the chill factor…Its up to you to be prepared….I am a big believer in Under Armour….I also can supply a heater with my packages….Hand warmers are also good to take along on you trip…Always remember your feet…They are the one with the most contact to the ice…


Q: How big should the hole in the ice be?

A:The drills you can get are from 4″ to 10″…The size really is determined by what size fish you are looking to pull out of it…In Colorado, your Ice fishing hole cannot exceed 10″.


Q: What are “Ice Picks” for?

A: These are really handy picks that usually have some sort of cover for them and they hang around your neck…If you happen to fall threw the ice you can take the cover off to reveal a “ice pick”….You then jab the pick into the ice and a spring loaded pick comes out and it gives you leverage to help pull yourself out of the water…My packages come with one set…


Q: What are “shoe spikes”?

A: These are a pad that has small spikes or springs sticking out of them…You slip them around your shoe and they help you keep from sliiping on the ice.


Q: Were can I fish?

A: You can ice fish anywere the water is frozen…Some places like state parks charge you to enter the property…Be sure to check the local regulations or contact us and we will find the information you need…


Q: Can I start a fire on the ice?

A: You can have a fire on the ice but it must be enclosed.


Q: Can I leave my shantie up all night?

A: NO, you are not allowed to leave a shanty on the ice over night……All shelters must be removed daily…Two exceptions are Twin Lakes near Buena Vista ans Lake San Cristobol near Lake City. You must have your name and phone number on your shanty if left over night.

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