Antero Ice Fishing Report-

Here you can find current ice fishing reports and ice conditions for Antero reservoir near Breckenridge, Fairplay, and Hartsel, Colorado.  You can also find past Colorado Ice fishing reports by choosing the year you would like on the navigation bar to the left.   We cover Antero ice conditions, fishing activity, weather, and areas to be careful of.  These fishing reports are compiled first hand by our fishing experiences and trips on Antero.  We update these Ice fishing reports every time we go out or hear new, relevant information from reliable sources.  Antero typically gets its first safe ice around mid to late November depending on the year.  It is usually mid December before the entire lake has safe, fishable ice.  For live, on the water ice fishing reports and pictures, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

February 10, 2015 Antero Mile Ice Fishing report: Watch for sketchy ice!

Ice conditions vary greatly across the lake so use extreme caution!  There is still safe fishable ice, and fishing has been fair to slow for most anglers.  Fishing was excellent ten days ago, but seems to have fallen into the mid-winter doldrums. Per usual, the more you move in search of fish, the better yoru odds.  Keep saftey first and pay attention to the wind wand warm weather conditions around you as ice thickness can change quickly given the right variables.

Antero ice fishing report 2015

Antero Ice fishing 2015

January 21, 2015 Antero Mile Ice Fishing report: Take a hike for a good bite!

Fishing remains very good at Antero, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.  The key is to move until you find a feeding lane.  This may only require a move of 30 yards, but if you are not seeing fish, you have to move!  Once you find a feeding lane, a lot of times fish will come through all day.  Small Pk Spoons, tube jigs, lazer jigs, rat finkies, and other small ice jigs have been working and the best colors are red, white, and pink.  The last time out, we saw our best bite window between 10:30 and 1:00, but every day has been a little different.  The best numbers of fish seem to be hanging out in 6-14 feet of water.  Antero will be drained this Spring and as a result, the limit has been raised from 2 fish to 8 fish per person!  This weeks pictures are a series of first time ice-fisher-people who had an absolute blast!  A special shout out to the KIPP Denver Collegiate High School, great job guys!

Colorado Ice Fishing Action!

South Park Ice Fishing!

Antero reservoir to be drained in 2015

2015 Antero Ice Fishing Report

January 5, 2015 Antero Mile Ice Fishing report: Best action!

Antero reservoir is completely capped with 6-10″ of ice and 2-6″ of snow on top.  The fishing has been good to excellent most day if you are willing to put in the work!  7-13 feet of water seems to hold some of the better concentrations and moving until you find activity is key.  Some days, ten feet can make a big difference.  One day the fish want the lure jigged and the next day they don’t want it moved at all.  Experiment with action and color until you find the winning combo.  Pink has been a hot color, but don’t forget about green, red, and white! Oh ya, the sucker bite has been good some days too!

Antero ice fishing for suckers

January ice fishing report Antero

antero ice fishing for trout

2015 colorado ice fishing report

antero ice fishing report 

December 17, 2014 Antero Mile Ice Fishing report: Be careful, but fish on!

We are finally starting to see the buttoned back up and about 75% of it has ice that is at least 4″ thick. But be careful, there are still spots that just froze or are very thin!  There is only about 3-4″ of snow on the ice, just enough to make towing a sled harder.  The fishing is good, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy!  I found the fish to be very particular in the color they wanted and the feeding lanes they cruised.  If I could find them, I could typically get bit.  Pk spoons, small ice jigs, tube jigs, and other small plastics are producing and tipping your jig with a piece of shrimp, meal worm, wax worm, or nightcrawler helps!  

Antero South Shore Camp Ground View Fishing report 2015

Colorado ice fishing 2015

Fairplay ice fishing 2015

December 6, 2014 Antero Mile Ice Fishing report: Be careful!

It seems a little too early for safe ice to be here, but we are ahead of schedule and Antero Reservoir has 3-4.5″ of hard ice across most of the lake.  As always, use EXTREME caution and pay attention to the conditions around you 

November 21, 2014 Antero Mile Ice Fishing report: First ice is here??!!

It seems a little too early for safe ice to be here, but we are ahead of schedule and Antero Reservoir has 3-4.5″ of hard ice across most of the lake.  As always, use EXTREME caution and pay attention to the conditions around you as they can change quickly, especially during the early ice season.  The south side of the lake seems to have a little bit thicker ice than the north side.  Fishing is excellent for 14-17″ trout with some bigger ones showing up!  The fish don’t seem to be picky right now and just about any small ice jig or spoon in any color will get their attention.  

Trophy Colorado trout through the ice 2015

Antero rainbow trout 2015

2015 Antero sunrise

November 11, 2014 Antero Mile Ice Fishing report: First ice??

With this artic blast of cold air, we have already heard one report of some ice around the edges of Antero!  It won’t be long! 

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